10 Signs You Have A Calling To Witchcraft And Magic

1. You Have a Deep Love Towards… Almost Everything

Let me reiterate: this doesn’t mean you love every human on the planet (hence the almost). It simply means you have an appreciation for everything here and it’s role in making the world go round.

2. You Have a Passion for Natural Living

Essential oils, homegrown foods, healing crystals, meditation, you love it all. You also try to avoid getting involved in the soul-sucking embrace of social media and materialism.

3. You’re an Empath

An Empath is someone who can feel and experience the emotions of others as if they were their own.

4. You Have a Passion Towards Helping and Healing

Many witches choose to put their gift to use by becoming natural healers, alternative medicine practitioners, and normal doctors. A witch’s greatest gift if their ability to help not only the people around them but the world as a whole.

5. You’re in Tune with the Moon Cycles

Many witches say their moods shift with the changing moon cycles; maybe that’s why people are said to get crazy during full moons? The moon is heavily symbolic of the Mother Goddess, who is symbolic of love, fertility, death, mystery, passion, and much more. Witches who are in tune with the moon say they feel an almost magnetic pull towards the moon; especially during the full moon and new moon.

6. You Feel Drawn to the Elements

Water, air, fire, earth, and spirit. You don’t have to love them all, in fact, you probably only have a true affinity for one or two of them; for me, that’s water. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know which element you’re truly connected to. Coming into contact with it feels like electric jolts and warm fuzzy tingles of ecstasy all over your body. It makes you happy. It makes you feel safe.

7. Mirrors Can Make You Uncomfortable

This is one I experience a lot. It’s fine if it’s daytime and I am walking through a store or something, or if I go to the bathroom during the day. But mirrors and night time just… nope. I want no part of that. In case you were wondering why this nocturnal mirror-phobia is a thing, it is because mirrors are said to be doorways or “portals” to other dimensions and/or planes of existence. So next time you look in a mirror at night, just know something may be looking back at you.

8. You Are Obsessed with the Paranormal, Supernatural, Myths and Legends.

This one doesn’t need too much explaining, as it’s pretty self-explanatory.

9. You Love the Dark Or Are Terrified of It

I know what you’re thinking: “how could both loving or hating be a sign?”.Well, it comes down to how aware you are of your spiritual gifts, how well you can control them, and your beliefs in general. One of the great things about being a witch in many cases is forming your own beliefs about the world based on experience and the type of magick you practice.

10. You Have a Familiar

The ideas of Familiars have been around for about as long as witchcraft and witches themselves. Romans believed Familiars protected their family from harm, Shamans believe Familiars are “thought-form” entities rather than physical creatures, and modern witches and magick practitioners view their Familiars as aides in their magical workings, companions and guardians.