October’s “Blood” Moon Is Your Time To Shine

The October 2021 full moon will rise on Oct. 20 as it ingresses into the bold and gutsy Aries, giving the collective a loving push to face our fears and embrace life’s challenges with tenacious grit. Channel your inner fearlessness with these do’s and don’ts.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the October full moon ushers in the ideal time for hnting ahead of the bitter and cold winter season. Since the farmers have clear fields, they have a better view of deer, foxes and other animals, naming it the full blood moon.

This lunation is the ideal time to take initiative at work, in your relationships, or in your creative projects. Don’t be afraid to use this fire sign energy to ask your crush out, plan a daring date, and play captain on your professional projects.

The full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle, and in a symbolic way, it’s the perfect time to reflect on that big project you’ve been working on and add those finishing touches. Forget perfection, embrace your hard work with firm confidence.

Emotions are heightened during the full moon, leaving most of us on edge and ready for battle. You’ll want to avoid your impulse to start a fight or call out others during this lunation. Instead, reflect on your emotions and tread lightly.

The fire energy is great motivator to get reacquainted with what you’re most passionate about, especially as we prepare for edgy Scorpio season. This intense force is pushing you to explore the hobbies and interests that set your soul on fire.

It’s easy to get caught up in high tensions under the full moon, especially with all the fire energy. Steer clear from acting on impassioned feelings. Instead, be mindful of your words and how you interpret the words of others.

With the intense fire vibes given by this lunation, you’re going to want to let your bold curiosity take the lead. Now it’s perfect time to dance outside your comfort zone.