Love Candles with Pink Quartz

Love Candles with Pink Quartz

These candles are charged with intention of true LOVE, designed with ROSE QUARTZ, witch is associated with said properties:



  •  Its known as a love stone, it vibrates the energy of compassion and empathy. It offers harmony, peace and has the power to heal negative emotions 
  • It offers a deep and calm energy of self love and fulfilment in who we truly are
  • It helps with manifestation of true love
  • It’s used to attract love of any kind to ones life
  • It will sooth you and mend your emotions, so you can make sense of what you truly feel
  • It will balance your energy, wrapping you in a feeling of pure love and safety


  • 4 Per Box 


  • Handmade


  • Never leave a candle unattended.